Tag der Musik

Tag der Musik

Der Tag der Musik ist eine Initiative des gesamten deutschen Musiklebens unter dem Dach des Deutschen Musikrates. Am dritten Wochenende im Juni zeigen Chöre, Orchester, Musik- und allgemein bildende Schulen, Theater, Opernhäuser, Städte, Musikhochschulen und viele andere Institutionen die Vielfalt und die Qualität der musikalischen Praxis im Musikland Deutschland. Das wichtigste Ziel des Tages der Musik ist es, die große Bedeutung und den hohen Wert der Musik in Deutschland in kultur-, sozial-, bildungs- und gesellschaftspolitischer Hinsicht deutlich zu machen.

The Day of Music gives a fresh impetus to the awareness of the value of creativity in order to open the world of music to all people – no matter what their social and ethnic backgrounds are. Therefore, every institution, ensemble and musician can take part in the Day of Music.

Every third Sunday in June, the Day of Music will bring together various people and ensembles to show that music enriches our life and makes it more colourful. The German Music Council calls on everyone – musicians, non-profit organizations, music managers, theaters etc. – to run their musical events with the slogan “Day of Music”, e.g. a concert that is already planned or has already taken place and can be performed again; even political discussions are welcome.

Furthermore concerts and events can be published and linked on <a href=&quot;http://www.tag-der-musik.de./&quot;>www.tag-der-musik.de.</a&gt; By handing in a video of the concert, you can enter a contest that is divided in different categories. The category “Klangfarben – Zusammenspiel der Kulturen” e.g. prioritizes the transcultural dialogue and the UNESCO-Convention on Cultural Diversity.

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