Heidelberger Frühling - International Music Festival Heidelberg

Heidelberger Frühling - International Music Festival Heidelberg

Das Internationale Musikfestival Heidelberger Frühling ist einer der deutschlandweit führenden Impulsgeber im Bereich der Klassik. Es veranstaltet die Musikfestivals Streichquartettfest Heidelberg und Heidelberger Frühling, eine Festival Akademie für Liedgesang, Kammermusik, Komposition und Kulturjournalismus sowie die Heidelberg Music Conference, eine jährliche Tagung der Intendanten bedeutender europäischer Festivals und Konzerthäuser. Zudem plant der „Heidelberger Frühling“ den Aufbau eines internationalen Liedzentrums Heidelberg, dem Geburtsort des romantischen Kunstliedes. Gemeinsam mit Künstlern wie Thomas Hampson, John Neumeier, Igor Levit und Matthias Pintscher entstehen in Heidelberg Projekte und Produktionen, die nachhaltig in die Kulturwelt und die Gesellschaft hinein wirken. Zu über 100 Veranstaltungen im Jahr kommen mehr als 37.000 Besucher. Das nächste Festival findet vom 21. März bis 25. April 2015 statt.

Dating back to 1997, the »Heidelberger Frühling« has established itself as one of »Germany’s most exciting and innovative music festivals« (Deutschlandradio), »offering top-class performances by world-renowned musicians« (Neue Zürcher Zeitung). With over 100 events every year and an innovative approach to programming, the »Heidelberger Frühling« has quickly advanced to the premier league of classical music festivals.

A crucial component in the specific identity of the »Heidelberger Frühling« is its ambition to be a locus of encounter and dialogue. This encompasses both the opportunity for informal exchanges between performers and audiences and the invitation to engage with the aims and intentions of classical and contemporary composers. Of course, the Festival offers any number of spectacular concerts featuring world-class performers in festive settings. In its 19th season from March 21 until April 25, 2015 the »Heidelberger Frühling« will welcome renowned pianists like András Schiff and Grigory Sokolov, baritones Thomas Hampson and Thomas Quasthoff and orchestras like the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra from New York or the German Symphony Orchestra from Berlin, to name only a few. However, the genuinely unique qualities of the festival lie elsewhere, notably in projects like the much-praised String Quartet Fest and the Festival Academy. These sectors of the Festival set out to do away with the distance that traditionally exists between performers and their audiences. The musicians and their listeners meet on common ground and discuss their impressions and experiences. Both sides profit from the encounter and the lasting value of such exchanges goes far beyond what we typically associate with the term »event«.

The more we know about the music we hear, the greater our enjoyment of it will be. The »Heidelberger Frühling« demonstrates its allegiance to this principle, by the number and the quality of the lectures, panel discussions, workshops and other sometimes innovative sessions accompanying the concerts. And because the Festival also sets out to appeal to newcomers and younger concert-goers, these sessions have nothing schoolmasterly or academic about them.

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