Georgia Philharmonic Orchestra

Georgia Philharmonic Orchestra

Beginning from March 15, 2005 State Philharmonic Orchestra /after E.Miqeladze/, State Choir /after N.Sukhanishvili/ and State String Quartet /after S.Tsintsadze/ were united in one organization - GEORGIA NATIONAL MUSIC CENTER.
The main objectives of the Georgia National Music Center are promotion of national and world classical and professional music through out of Georgia, introduction of music masterpieces to audience, especially youth, by means of performances, concerts, festivals, lectures and other events, with participation of the GNMC ensembles, as well as invited Georgian and foreign musicians and artists.
Since 2005, when the GNMC was established, many interesting programs had been implemented-concerts, festivals.
Among the successfully performed in mentioned period music masterpieces are: Symphonies of Mozart /XXXV and XXXIX/, Mahler /II/, Brahms /I and IV/, Balanchivadze /III/, Kancheli /V/; Piano Concerts of Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Balanchivadze; Violin Concerts of Mendelssohn, Brahms, Khachaturian; Orff’s stage cantata “Carmina Burana”, Poulenc’s mono-opera “Voice of human being”, Stravinsky’s “Firebird”, Symphonic works of Debussy, Duke, Sarasate; Vocal cycles of Mahler, Mussorgsky; Quartets of Mozart, Haydn, Schubert, Rachmaninov, Shostakovich, Tsintsadze, etc.
Among famous Conductors and Soloists performed at the symphony concerts from 2005-up to date are: David Del Pino Klinge /Conductor, Peru/, Vensant Montei /Conductor, France/, Nikolas Rauss /Conductor, Switzerland/, Julian Gallant /Conductor, Great Britain/, Sergei Leiferkus /Baritone, Great Britain/, Karolin Miutell /Soprano, France/, Marine Iashvili /Violin, Georgia/, Liana Isakadze /Violin, Georgia/, Alexandre Korsantia /Piano, Georgia/, Dmitry Bashkirov /Piano, Russia/, Tengiz Amirejibi /Piano, Georgia/, Maxim Rysanov /Viola, Great Britain/, Katia Skanavi /Piano, Russia/, Sergei Nakariakov /Trumpet, France/, Alexander Markovich /Piano, Israel/, Avi Avital /Mandoline, Israel/, etc.
From 2011 Georgia National Music Center was renamed into Mikeladze Center of Performing Arts.
Nowadays, the Head of Mikeladze Center, as well as Principal Conductor and Artistic Director of State Philharmonic Orchestra is Georgian composer, pianist and conductor – Nikoloz Rachveli .

1925: On the base of string orchestra (1923) - founded in Tbilisi, the first Georgian Symphony Orchestra is officially established. Its first director and principal conductor is Ivane Paliashvili (1896-1934), who has conducted Beethoven’s 9th Symphony for the first time in Tbilisi (1927).
1933: After the reorganization the Orchestra is awarded with the State status and its principal conductor becomes Evgeny Mikeladze (1903-1937), who at the same time is music director of Tbilisi Opera and Ballet State Theatre. His repertoire consist the masterpieces of world symphony music, as well as earlier music pieces of Georgian symphony music. (By the way, in 1933 Sergei Prokofiev performed his 3rd piano concert at one of the concerts of the orchestra. Evgeny Mikeladze’s concert seasons gives a big stimulation to the prompt development of national and world symphony music. By the direction of phenomenally talented conductor, the skill of the orchestra rises to the International level. Dmitry Shostakovich writes: “State Symphony Orchestra of Georgia by the direction of Evgeny Mikeladze has become one of the leading orchestras of Soviet Union. Mikeladze is pride of conducting school”.) Legendary conductor was a victim of 1937 repressions.
1938-1941: Principal conductor of the orchestra is Aleksandre Gvelesiani, artistic director - Grigol Kiladze.
1941-1943: Principal conductor of the orchestra is famous Russian conductor, Professor Alexandr Gauk (1893-1963), being in Tbilisi evacuation. Before (1936-1941) he was directing USSR State Symphony Orchestra. The “Every Monday Concerts” with various programs, organized by Gauk, became real celebrations for Tbilisi music society and art lovers.
1941-1952: Artistic director of the orchestra is composer Andria Balanchivadze (1906-1992), brother of world known George Balanchine.
1947-1953: Principal conductor of the orchestra is Greek conductor, State Artist of the USSR, citizen of Tbilisi - Odissei Dimitriadi (1908-2005). He is the first who perform the symphony music of Georgian composers: Balanchivadze, Mshvelidze, Machavariani, Taktakishvili… Odissei Dimitriadi successfully performs various pieces of classical repertoire, as well as tours a lot in USSR. There after he collaborates with the orchestra till the end of his life.
1948-1991: The conductor of the Orchestra is Jemal Gokieli (1920-1991), who has performed more than 1100 Symphony Music Concerts during 43 years.
1953: Principal conductor of the orchestra is Grigol Kiladze (1902-1962).
1954-1957: Principal conductor of the orchestra is Shalva Azmaiparashvili (1902-1957).
1956-1961: Artistic director of the orchestra is composer Alexi Matchavariani (1913-1995). By his initiative and authority - the orchestra receives the subsidy from Soviet Government to build Tbilisi Philharmonic Concert Hall (Tbilisi Big Concert Hall).
1958-1972: Principal conductor of the orchestra is Zakaria Khurodze (1925-2005). His wide repertoire consists with the numerous pieces of world classical and Georgian symphony music. He is the first performer of Bruckner’s, Mahler’s and Honegger’s symphonies in Tbilisi; as well as Mussorgsky-Ravel’s “Pictures at the exhibition”, Stravinsky’s “Petrushka” and “Firebird”, Hindemith’s “Metamorphoses on Weber’s theme”, Debussy’s “Sea” and “Nocturnes”, Ravel’s “Spanish Rhapsody”, Iber’s suit “Paris”, Respighi’s “Pines of Rome” and “Fountains of Rome”, and Orff’s “Carmina Burana”. In 1971, State Symphony Orchestra of Georgia is awarded with the status of Honoured Orchestra.
1973-1993: Artistic director and principal conductor of the orchestra is Jansugh Kakhidze (1935-2002), People’s Artist of Georgia and USSR; laureate of Rustaveli and Paliashvili awards. By his direction the orchestra performs numerous masterpieces of world classical and Georgian symphony music. He is the first performer of Kancheli’s and Nasidze’s all symphonies and symphonic works, which were commissioned by maestro Kakhidze himself. Under his direction, for the first time, the Orchestra has concert tours outside the USSR - in Great Britain, West and South Germany, Poland. The concerts are held in London BBC Hall, Albert Hall, Berlin Philharmony; Glasgow, Bristol, Warsaw, Petersburg Philharmonic Halls, Leipzig Gevandhouse and Hamburg Konzerthaus, Lodz Opera and Edinburg Festival Hall, as well as regularly performs at the Moscow Conservatory and symphony concert halls of Riga, Tallinn, Vilnius, Kiev, Minsk, Erevan, Novosibirsk. He intensively realizes the gram-plates under the aegis of “Melody” and “Naxos”.
1993-1995: David Del Pino Klinge (1958) is invited as an artistic director and principal conductor of the orchestra. His invitation as a principal conductor is a due of participation of the Orchestra at the Peru Mozart International Festival, where by the direction of David Del Pino Klinge, the orchestra performs 4 successful concerts in Lima; among them one - at the Palace of the President of the country. At this time the administrator of the orchestra is Nodar Siradze, whose name talks about successful management of the orchestra and numerous creative projects realized by him.
1994: State Symphony Orchestra of Georgia is named after Evgeny Mikeladze.
1996-2004: Artistic director and principal conductor of the orchestra is Vakhtang Matchavariani (1951). He holds productive conducting and organizational activities with State Orchestra of Georgia. He is the first performer in Georgia of following concert versions: B. Bartok’s “Bluebird’s Castle” and B. Britten’s mono opera “Phaedra”, Verdi’s “Falstaff” and R. Wagner’s “Tristan and Isolde”, etc. In 1988, the Orchestra successfully participates at the First International Opera Festival of Georgia “Bravo” - organized by Paata Burchuladze. The whole 2002-2003 concert season of the orchestra is dedicated to the 100-year anniversary of Evgeny Mikeladze. In 2002, under Matchavariani’s direction, the orchestra has successful concert tours in Holland (Amsterdam Concertgebouw) and Germany. On May 5, 2000 one of the distinguished concerts of the orchestra was Gustav Mahler’s 7th symphony under the button of Kent Nagano, invited by V. Matchavariani. During the same period the conductor of the Orchestra is Gogi Chichinadze (1969), who cares about the enrichment of Orchestra repertoire together with the Artistic director.
2005: State Symphony Orchestra, together with State Choir, State Chamber Orchestra and State String Quartet unite in Georgia National Music Center (Mikeladze Center) and 25 years old composer Nikoloz Memanishvili (in future - Nikoloz Rachveli) is invited from Vienna back to his motherland as a General Music Director.
2007: Nikoloz Rachveli combines the position of principal conductor of the Orchestra. By his direction the orchestra renews every-week season concerts of symphony music in Tbilisi. The Orchestra becomes the basic collective to realize the State or private projects of various genres, frequently participates in the various Festivals and Charity concerts. By his initiative, the contemporary music festival KONTRAPUNKT is established. Since 2005 the Orchestra has implemented lots of successful performances. Among them are concert tours abroad in various worldwide famous venues, such as the Athens Concert Hall, Frankfurt Conservatory Concert Hall, Paris Les Invalides, Pierre Cardin Center, UNESCO Hall, Salle Pleyel, etc. The Orchestra repertoire includes all the most important pieces of the Georgian symphony music and numerous masterpieces of the world’s symphony and opera music. The Orchestra is first performer practically of all important National symphony music pieces, as well as performs Georgian premieres by numerous foreign composers.
2013: The reorganization of Georgia State Symphony Orchestra. The young talented musicians of the new generation successfully performed in the various Orchestras of Georgia and abroad - joined the Orchestra. Thereafter the renewed Orchestra is called GEORGIAN PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA, which performs successful concerts at the Saint Petersburg Shostakovich Philharmonie Big Concert Hall. During the same year the orchestra becomes initiator of a historic reform, the result of which is a right which is given to the musicians to choose their Principal Conductor and Music Director (before these positions were appointed by the Minister of Culture). Inauguration of the first elected Music Director and Principal Conductor took place on December 28, 2013. Georgian Philharmonic Orchestra chooses Artistic Council of the Music Center as well, the members of which are: Giya Kancheli, Alexander Toradze, Paata Burchuladze, Josef Bardanashvili and Shalva Mosidze.

2014: Revaz Javakhishvili (1978) is invited as an assistant-conductor of the Orchestra.

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